“Hyrox Racer Grinder”

Hyrox Workout
Hyrox Workout


“Hyrox Racer Grinder”

Get ready to challenge every muscle in your body with the “Hyrox Racer Grinder” workout! This Hyrox workout is a blend of endurance, strength, and sheer willpower, designed for those who love to push their limits.



1km Run
30 burpee Broad jumps
1km row
200m farmers carry (2×24/16kg or 2×53/35lbs)
1km Run
50 Wall Balls (9kg/6kg or 20lbs/14lbs)
100m Sled Pull (60kg/40kg or 132lbs/88lbs)
50 Box Jump over (24”/20”)

Target Time Cap: 45 Minutes.


Let’s dive into workout details.

Workout Flow
1km Run: Kick things off with a 1km run. Pace yourself—you want to be quick but not burn out early.


30 Burpee Broad Jumps: Follow up with explosive burpee broad jumps. Each jump should be a leap of faith and a test of strength.


1km Row: Hit the rower for a challenging 1km. Find a steady rhythm that allows you to recover slightly from the burpees but still keeps the intensity high.


200m Farmers Carry: Grab those kettlebells or dumbbells for a 200m farmers carry (32kg/24kg or 70lbs/53lbs). Keep your shoulders back, core tight, and march on like you own the place.


1km Run: Back to running another 1km. By now, your legs are screaming, but your spirit is soaring.


50 Wall Balls (9kg/6kg or 20lbs/14lbs): Time for 50 wall balls. Aim to keep a steady pace and use the power from your legs to launch the ball.


100m Sled Pull (Weight: 60kg/40kg or 132lbs/88lbs): Dig deep for the sled pull. Plant your feet and pull like you’re trying to save the world.


50 Box Jump Overs (24”/20”): Finish strong with 50 box jump overs. Jump with precision and land softly, saving your energy for a powerful push-off.


Motivational Tips:
Run & Row: These are your moments to shine but pace yourself. Think of them as the bread in your workout sandwich—necessary, but not where the flavor is.
Burpee Broad Jumps & Wall Balls: Here’s where you can make up time. Focus on efficiency and fluid movements. Remember, grace under pressure makes you look like a pro.
Farmers Carry & Sled Pull: Embrace the grind. These are tough, but imagine you’re a superhero in training. What would Captain America do? Exactly.
Box Jump Overs: By now, you’re on the home stretch. Channel your inner kangaroo and bounce through these with energy and finesse.
Remember, the “Hyrox Racer Grinder” is not just a workout; it’s a testament to your grit and determination. So, lace up, chalk up, and show up with everything you’ve got. Let’s grind!


Target Time Cap:
Aim to complete the “Hyrox Racer Grinder” in 45-50 minutes.
This will challenge you but also ensure you can maintain a solid pace throughout the workout.

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