“Grip & Rip Circuit”

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Workout of the day

5 Rounds FOR TIME

15 Powercleans @130/85 lbs (60/40kg)
500m Row

12 Powercleans 155/100 lbs (70/45kg)
400m Row

10 Powercleans @165/110 lbs (75/50kg)
300m Row

8 Powercleans @175/120 lbs (80/55kg)
200m Row

5 Powercleans @190/130 lbs (85/60kg)
100m Row

Time Cap: 17 Minutes



Athlete Notes


Grip Endurance

This workout challenges grip strength significantly. All three movements – power cleans, TTB, and rowing – engage your grip and forearms extensively.


Power Cleans
The weight increases each round, so start with a manageable pace and focus on maintaining good form. As the weight gets heavier, ensure you’re using a powerful hip drive.
Break the reps into smaller sets if needed, especially in the heavier rounds.


Toes-To-Bar (TTB)
Maintain a consistent rhythm. If TTB are challenging, consider breaking them into sets of 5 or more to conserve energy.
Scale to hanging knee raises or sit-ups if you can’t perform TTB.


The decreasing distance on the rower means you can increase your pace with each round. Start with a steady pace on the 500m and aim to go faster in the shorter rows. Use the row as a recovery for your grip and arms but maintain intensity to save time. Though it might seem like a break for the grip, rowing still requires a constant hold on the handle. Focus on using more leg drive and a relaxed grip to conserve forearm strength. Avoid gripping the rower handle too tightly. A loose, yet secure grip is effective for maintaining endurance.


General Strategy
Pace the first couple of rounds so you can handle the increasing weight in power cleans without losing form.
As the rowing distance decreases, use this opportunity to make up time. Push a bit harder on these shorter rows.
With the decreasing reps and distance, you can increase your intensity in the later rounds.
Focus on efficient transitions between movements.


Additional Tips
Warm-up well, particularly focusing on clean technique and getting your heart rate up for the row.
Keep an eye on the clock and set target times for each round to stay on pace.
Remember to breathe consistently, especially during TTB and power cleans.
The structure of this WOD challenges both your lifting capacity and cardiovascular endurance, making it a comprehensive and intense workout.

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