“Another Day at the Bar”

400 Meter run

7 Front Squats 155/100 lb (70/45kg)

15 Toes To Bar

7 Front Squats 155/100 lb (70/45kg)

15 Chest To bar

7 Front Squats 155/100 lb (70/45kg)

8 Muscle Ups

20 kcal Air Bike

Time Cap: 15 Minutes and below.



Athlete Notes

400m Run: Start at a moderate pace. This is not a sprint; it’s about setting a good pace that leaves you ready to tackle the front squats.

Front Squats (155/100 lb): Aim to complete each set of front squats unbroken. The weight should be challenging but manageable. Focus on maintaining a strong core and steady breathing throughout.

Toes To Bar: Break these into smaller sets if needed to maintain your grip and rhythm. Efficient kipping will help conserve energy.

Chest To Bar Pull-Ups: Similar to toes to bar, break into manageable sets. Focus on a strong and controlled kip, and try to minimize time hanging on the bar.

Muscle Ups: If you’re proficient, aim for unbroken sets; otherwise, break it down to avoid muscle fatigue. Ensure smooth transitions between reps.

20 kcal Air Bike: This is your final push. Set a strong, steady pace, but don’t sprint at the start. Gradually increase your effort to finish strong without burning out too early.


Scaling Options

Front Squats: Reduce the weight to a level that is challenging but allows for good form. For beginners, 95/65 lb (43/29 kg) might be more appropriate.

Toes To Bar: Scale to knees to chest or sit-ups.

Chest To Bar Pull-Ups: Scale to regular pull-ups, jumping pull-ups, or ring rows.

Muscle Ups: Scale to jumping muscle-ups, banded muscle-ups, or a combination of pull-ups and dips.

Air Bike: Adjust the kcal to maintain the intensity. For example, scale down to 15 kcal for those who are less conditioned.


Additional Notes
Encourage athletes to focus on form, especially in the front squats, as fatigue can lead to a breakdown in technique. Remind them to pace themselves wisely; while each component is a sprint, the workout as a whole is not. Stress the importance of transitions. Quick transitions can save valuable time in this type of WOD.


This WOD is a great mix of strength and gymnastics, testing athletes’ ability to maintain efficiency in both barbell movements and bodyweight exercises. It’s a great test of both strength and skill, suitable for an advanced CrossFit workout.

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