“High-Octane Hustle”

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AMRAP WOD: “High-Octane Hustle”

  • 21 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
  • 18 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35 lbs or 22.5/15 kg)
  • 15 Toes To Bar
  • 400m Run
  • Duration: 20 Minutes


Elevate your agility, strength, and endurance with this extended AMRAP workout. The increased reps and running distance will challenge your stamina and keep you moving at a high intensity.


Athlete Notes

  • Box Jumps: Focus on a consistent and controlled rhythm. Step down instead of jumping down to save your legs for later rounds.
  • Dumbbell Snatches: Keep a steady pace. Use your hips for power and switch hands in mid-air to save time.
  • Toes To Bar: Break these into sets if needed to avoid early grip fatigue. Focus on a smooth kipping motion.
  • 400m Run: Use this as an active recovery. Keep a steady but manageable pace that allows you to catch your breath.


Purpose of the WOD: This workout aims to balance high-intensity cardio with strength movements, enhancing your overall fitness level, particularly your cardiovascular endurance and muscular stamina.


Round Predictions:

  • Intermediate Athletes: Target 4-5 rounds.
  • Advanced Athletes: Aim for 6+ rounds.

Remember, the key to this workout is maintaining a steady pace throughout and managing your energy reserves. It’s not just about how fast you start, but how consistently you can maintain your pace.


Scaling Options:

  • Lower box height or step-ups for box jumps.
  • Reduce the weight of the dumbbell.
  • Substitute knees to chest or sit-ups for toes to bar.
  • Adjust the running distance if necessary.


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