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3 Rounds For Time:

25 Wall-Balls @20/14lbs or 9/6kg
25 Burpees
15 Deadlifts @200/110lbs or 90/50kg
15 Box Jumps


πŸ•’ Time Cap: 20 minutes



🎯 Strategy & Pacing Tips


1. Wall-balls:
Aim to complete these in 2 or 3 sets max. Starting with a big set is great, but keep some gas in the tank to avoid burnout.
Focus on a steady rhythm and use the squat to propel the ball, saving your arms from early fatigue.


2. Burpees:
Keep a consistent pace. It’s easy to go out too fast and pay for it later.
Drop to the ground in a controlled fall and snap back up, minimizing time spent on the floor.


3. Deadlifts:
This is where you need to manage your effort carefully. If you’re strong here, consider sets of 5-5-5 to keep your form sharp without overtaxing yourself.
Keep your back straight and engage your core. Lift with your legs and hips, not your back.


4. Box Jumps:
Step down rather than jump down to save your legs for the next rounds.
Ensure full hip extension at the top of the box for each rep to make it count.



πŸš€ Overall Tips


Smart Transitions:
Keep your gear organized and close by. Strategically placing your med-ball, barbell, and box in a compact triangle will save precious seconds during transitions, keeping your momentum high and your time low.


Pace Smart: Start conservatively in the first round to gauge your energy levels. Aim to keep your pace consistent across all three rounds, with a slight push on the last round if you’ve got energy left.


Stay Focused: It’s easy to get lost in fatigue. Keep your mind on your form, especially on deadlifts and box jumps.


Breathe: Efficient breathing helps manage your heart rate and fatigue. Inhale on preparation, exhale on effort.



Remember, it’s you vs the clock. Plan your breaks, keep transitions quick, and push hard through the last reps! Let’s crush this, team! πŸ’ͺ

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