“Tough Shift at Work”

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🔥 “Tough Shift at Work” WOD Challenge 🔥

For Time: 💨
100 Double Unders
90 Air Squats
80 Sit Ups
70 American Kettlebell Swings (55/35lb or 24/16kg)
60 Box Jump Overs
50 WallBalls (20/13lb or 9/6kg)
40 Toes To Bar
30 Power Cleans (155/110lb or 70/50kg)
20 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Muscle Ups
🕒 Time Cap: You tell us! Post your time in comments!


If you’re an intermediate athlete, you should aim to finish this WOD in approximately 35 minutes.
If you’re an advanced athlete, you should be able to crush this WOD in about 27 minutes.
We’re waiting for your times in the comments – let’s motivate each other!


Athlete Notes
100 Double Unders: Start at a steady pace. Aim to complete in 2-3 sets.
90 Air Squats: Maintain a consistent rhythm. Break into sets to avoid early fatigue.
80 Sit Ups: Pace yourself; this is a high volume. Break as needed.
70 American Kettlebell Swings: Manageable sets are key. Focus on using your hips for power.
60 Box Jump Overs: Keep a steady, sustainable pace. Step down if needed to maintain rhythm.
50 WallBalls: Aim for large sets, but break them up to keep moving.
40 Toes To Bar: Break into smaller sets to manage grip and core fatigue.
30 Power Cleans: Go for singles or very small sets with short rests. Focus on form.
20 Bar Facing Burpees: Steady pace, find a “resting” pace. This is not a sprint, but don’t slow down too much.
10 Muscle Ups: If possible, save some energy to finish strong and unbroken.


Scaling Options
Double Unders: Single unders or fewer reps.
Air Squats: Lower the rep count if necessary.
Sit Ups: Scale down the reps.
Kettlebell Swings: Lighter weight or standard swings.
Box Jump Overs: Opt for step overs.
WallBalls: Lighter ball or fewer reps.
Toes To Bar: Knees to chest or sit-ups.
Power Cleans: Reduce weight for form.
Bar Facing Burpees: Regular burpees if needed.
Muscle Ups: Jumping or banded muscle ups, or pull-ups and dips.


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