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Workout of the day – “Back Shredder”


πŸ”₯ This. Is. What. You. Never. Forget.


100 Cal Echo Bike Intervals:
Sprint 10 Cal
40-second slow recovery pace
Continue until you reach 100 Cal.


⏸️ Rest 1 minute, then:
πŸ‹οΈ 3 ROUNDS OF:

30 Deadlifts @220/135lbs or 100/60kg
20 American Kettlebell Swings @53/35lbs or 24/16kg
10 Devil Presses @50/35lbs or 22.5/15kg


100 Cal Rower Intervals
10 Cal Sprint
40-second slow recovery pace
Continue until you reach 100 Cal.

Total Time Cap: 35 Minutes.


Athlete Notes
πŸ”„ Intervals Example:
Start with a 10 Cal sprint, then enter a 40-second recovery phase where you might add an additional 5 Cal at a slower pace. After the recovery, launch into another sprint, aiming to incrementally build your total calories.


Treat the sprints like a max effort but be strategic; the goal is to maintain intensity without burning out. Use the recovery phases wisely to catch your breath and prepare for the next burst.


Swift transitions between exercises will keep your heart rate up and maximize the workout’s effectiveness. Prepare your equipment layout beforehand to minimize downtime.


Stay Motivated:
Remember, this workout is designed to push you to your limits. Each rep, each set, and every calorie counts towards building a stronger, more resilient you.
Embrace the challenge, knowing that with every drop of sweat, you’re earning your strength and endurance.


🌟 Remember:
Great achievements involve great challenges. Push hard, dig deep, and let’s see what you’re made of!


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