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WOD: “Dynamic Duo” For Time



  • 800m Team Run (together)


Then, 2 Rounds of:

  • 60 Synchronized Air Squats
  • 60 Deadlifts in total at 100/70kg (220/154lbs)
  • 60 Wall Balls in total
  • 20 Synchronized Burpees (must touch hands at the jump)


Directly followed by:

  • 300 Double-Unders in total



  • 800m Team Run (together)


Time Cap: 33 Minutes


Athlete Notes

800m Run: Aim for a 4-minute completion time. Maintain a brisk but sustainable pace; this isn’t a sprint. The goal is to stay warmed up but not exhausted.


Air Squats: Attempt to complete these unbroken at a steady pace. This is an excellent opportunity to regulate your breathing after the run.


Deadlifts: Prefer small sets with quick switches, such as 5 reps each, before swapping. The barbell should spend minimal time on the ground. This strategy minimizes fatigue and maintains momentum.


Wall Balls: Use one ball and make quick switches after every 10-15 shots. When throwing the last rep of your set, have your partner catch and continue. The objective is to keep the ball moving constantly.


Double-Unders: If you both have ninja skills with double-unders, aim for a 100-100 split. For the mere mortals among us, a 50-50 split is a great pace. Breaking it down into 25-25 or even 20-20 segments (meaning one partner does 20, then switches, and the other partner does 20, and so on) is also effective. This method significantly reduces the likelihood of failing at DUs, keeping the rope moving constantly to accumulate those 300 reps. The main goal of this WOD is to ensure the exercise never stops.


800m Run Cash-Out: You know what to do – go all out, baby!


Single Athlete Version:

Perform 30 Deadlifts at the prescribed weight and 30 Wall Balls. All other exercises remain the same. Adjust the double-unders to 150 total to accommodate solo effort.

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