“DumbbellBall Blast”

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WOD “DumbbellBall Blast”


Buy In: 1000m row




30 Wallballs 20/13 lb (9/6kg)

10 Dumbbell Push Press 2×50/35 lb (2×22.5/15kg)

15 Pull Ups

10 Dumbbell Push Press 2×50/35 lb (2×22.5/15kg)

15 Pull Ups

30 Wallballs 20/13 lb (9/6kg)

10 Dumbbell Push Press 2×50/35 lb (2×22.5/15kg)


Buy Out: 30 Cal Echo Bike



Athlete Notes

Buy In – 1000m Row
Start with a strong, steady pace, but conserve energy. This is just the beginning, so aim for a pace that’s challenging yet sustainable, leaving enough in the tank for the rest of the WOD.


Main Set
Wallballs: Aim for large, unbroken sets or minimal breaks. Use a rhythm that allows you to keep moving efficiently, focusing on breathing and depth in each squat.


Dumbbell Push Press
Select a weight that allows you to complete each set with minimal rest. The focus should be on explosive movement from the legs to drive the dumbbells overhead. If you need to break the set, aim for 5-5.


If you’re proficient in kipping or butterfly pull-ups, use these techniques to conserve energy. Break the sets into manageable chunks (e.g., 3 sets of 5) to avoid grip fatigue.


Transition quickly but allow yourself a few seconds to catch your breath between exercises. Efficient transitions will save valuable seconds.


Buy Out – 30 Cal Echo Bike
This is your final push. Start at a moderate pace for the first few calories, then gradually increase your effort. Plan to give it your all in the last 10 calories, driving through to the finish.


The key to this workout is managing fatigue, especially with the push presses and pull-ups. Efficient pacing here will allow you to maintain a strong effort throughout.
Consider the workout in segments and focus on executing each part with as much efficiency as possible. Remember, the transitions are part of the workout. Minimize rest and keep moving.

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